100km per day…!

Johan intends to reach Compostela by the end of September, which means he’ll have to run 80 to 100km per day! This is a tremendous physical challenge. He’ll be accompanied by a small support crew, and has scheduled one day of rest per week.

If you want to keep up with Johan’s journey, make sure to check out the route and ‘Journal’ – pictures, announcements and blog posts can be found here.

Training and guidance

A good preparation is essential. Johan tries to train as much as possible. Daily runs, often late in the evening, some power training and swimming. Especially the endurance trainings at the weekend are indispensable. To combine this with research, coaching students, being in charge of the Department of Oncology, and many guest lectures and encounters poses a great challenge.

During the journey, Johan will surround himself with a small team. The distance itself isn’t the only challenge; there’s also the hilly terrain. In total, there is a height of 23.000 meters to be conquered, among those crossing the Pyrenees. Per day he’ll burn around 4000 calories. The weather will vary tremendously, with days of around 40°C, cold nights, not to mention rain or wind. Plenty of food and drinks, much-needed rest, daily massages and care, special shoes and sportswear – everything contributes to making this journey a success. The backpack full of letters will certainly add to the physical strain on his body, but will definitely give him a welcome boost in hard times.

Follow Johan closely

You can follow Johan’s journey via the trail on the website, and through the journal, which will contain daily snapshots and brief reports.

Would you like to accompany him, either on foot or by bike? It’s possible!

Just let Johan or the Letters for Compostela-team know:

Tel. +32 16 34 17 17
Leuvens Kankerinstituut
Campus Gasthuisberg