Bike or run along

johan tripJohan will be underway for quite a while as he has a large distance to cover.

He will start his journey at the hospital entrance of Gasthuisberg. Because of the ever-growing interest in the initiative, the departure point for sympathizers has moved to the Grote Markt of Leuven. We hope to see you there on Monday, August 21st at 10 a.m. to wish Johan a safe journey, along with the mayor and rector. There will be a short goodbye before Johan continues his route towards Hoegaarden.

Runners and bikers can join him from the town hall up to the Philips-site under police escort. The Leuven police department has requested people who accompany Johan to park their car on the Philips-site. We would like to thank the city council and police department for their help in coordinating our kick-off!

Would you like to accompany him abroad for a small distance, either while running or biking, so he doesn’t have to do it all by himself? It’s definitely possible! Just send a message to Johan and the LKI-team:

Leuven Cancer Institute – LKI
Tel. +32 16 34 17 17